bounding objects

(Theremin) #1

In the Edit Buttons menu on the left is Draw Extra menu. I was just wondering what bounding objects are. The 2.0 guide does not really tell in detail. The list has box, sphere, cylinder,cone, and polyheder.


(tordat) #2

Hard to explain. I’ m not sure if this is the correct explanation.

I think thats for easier and faster arranging of complex scenes.

Case: Scene with a lot of objects, you display them all in solid draw mode, this hides some object in the background. To see them you can selectivaly bring the objects (selected) in the forground to e.g. wire frame draw mode or bound box draw mode. The options for shperica, cyclindrical, … can be set whats closest to the overall shape of your object, if you did chose bound box mode for the best view.

Hope that’s kind of what this buttons are for. :-?