Bounding problem....I think.....

Hey guys. I’m in the middle of developing a third person action/adventure game in the BGE and I’ve been having problems with the GE correctly calculating bounds at higher speeds of collision.

Spelled out, I have the player character’s armature (and other things) parented to a master empty placed at his feet that controls all of his “dynamic” interaction with the ground (including controlling his forward motion). Now, I’ve set up a test level that includes a plane that gradually curves up. At the base of the curve, he’s fine, and can walk/move about half way up the curve with no problem, but then when he runs (higher loc activator speed) he falls through almost as soon as the plane starts curving. I have the controlling empty set to dynamic actor, and “bounds” is on as ‘cylinder’ with the “compound” button ticked.

haha…if you need a .blend example, I can assemble one.

So anyway, any ideas what’s going amiss?

Thanks guys.

If you’re you using dLoc (Loc in 2.47), don’t. Try using force or linV instead, they work better with the physics. (d)Loc just changes the object’s position, and doesn’t actually move it. When an object’s position ends up on the other side of a wall, you go right through it. Using force or linV should fix the problem.

If you’re not using (d)Loc, search the resource forum for BLAST (I think that is what it was called).

Rockin’, Moguri. Work’s perfectly…I totally should have known that, though…lol…

I’m glad I could help :wink: