bounds allowing objects with motion actuators to go through

Ok the problem is that two objects lets say one is the ground (a plane) and the other a cube. Both with bounds, the cube is a rigid body the ground static. The cube has a motion actuator that makes the it go down toward the ground with the down arrow. But when the cube reaches the ground it doesn’t stop it just goes on ignoring the fact that bounds was ever in the equation. My question is why does this happen and what can I do to fix it.

Always give .blend with these problems.


My guess: You’re using dLoc.

Never use dLoc for dynamic objects. Try to use either linV, Force, or Servo (optimal).


I tried using linV, force, and servo but no movement for either. Is there some other setting that must be enables or something cause I’m getting nothing.

Post a blend… without more details I can’t say anything.

How do you attach a blend file?

go advanced, then manage attachments.

Alright here it is


Helicopter.blend (324 KB)

instead of the motion actuators on the body, have them on the armature, because a child object only moves with its parent. hopefully this is it, but i probably screwed up the force amount. you should be able to see what i did, and adjust it yourself.
here is the blend.

It wasn’t exactly what i was looking for but I’ll mess around with the original file using the changes you made in the other as a guide. Thanks