Bounds problem+ animation won't play

The backward action in the game won’t play, also how do I fix the bounds on this. if I increase the radius the player flys away.


31floors.blend (906 KB)

Interesting, kind of looks like the robot from Wally, from the animation movie. Anyhow whats the point of the game? What is the cube for? And I’m looking at the jump problem, are you trying to figure out why the character wont drop faster?

The character was inspired from the guy in wall-e. but my problem was the character is not jumping smoothly if you look at the ipo animation from 150 to 250 you will see how I expected it to look.

Ah ha! i knew it, it was the robot from “wall-e”! Anyhow, Yes I did look at the Ipo and your character moves perfectly while playing the ipo. But while playing the game when you hit ‘p’ your character fly’s way up, and falls slowly. Just wondering was the falling slowly part intentional?

The only way that I can think of to get your character to not fly up so erratically is to change the mass from 1.00 to something higher like say 5.00. But I cannot seem to get the person to do the whole IPO movement without holding the spacebar, even still you just keep going up.

You may not even have to use an ipo, just take away the Action actuator, and just change the mass from 5 to 3 or 2 something like that, then your only problem would be would be the slow falling action, I think the slow falling is because of the floating IPO you have. If you watch it closely it doesn’t always stay afloat in the same spot, it slowly falls. That may be part of your problem. Anyhow I have to go to town it may take about 2 hours, Hopefully somebody else can help! Maybe anything that I’ve said may help I dont know

Anyhow take care, ill be back after a while. Take care till then. !

But I can’t use an ipo for jumping because if I do then the player will keep going to that point in the z axis so if the character tries to jump on high ground he will end up under the map. I also don’t want the character to slide back after running into something how do I stop that. Thanks in advance.
Btw playing portal also had some influence on the character.

mybe it helps

Now I’m having issues with the bounds and the player sometimes jumps extremely high. Sorry but that didnt really help I just wanted the jump to be more smooth.


31floorsjump v2.blend (911 KB)


Thanks, that fixed it. :slight_smile:

new problem.