Bounds problem!?

Why does it lagg like crazy when i put the bounds box around my character to have collission bound as box?

Dont really like the radius to put the bounds. dosent work as i want.

Or does someone got a better idea of how to fix the bounds ?

i think that there might be another object that is perhaps starting inside a the box bounds, or you object may be colliding with a triangle mesh boundary, that always seems to cause me lag.

All object i got inside the bound is ghost and with no collision boundry. but still laggs like hell

Hmm. it worked when i put my mesh with no collide in physics button. But does it still be able to animate in the game with that option? And when i got collision boundry it sometimes like get stuck in the ground. like it was a edge that comes up or something. someone know why?

Ok, no collision means it’s just going to render, no physics at all (I think…)

What is the setup you have and can you post a .blend (simple) to see what’s the problem?

I’m not totally sure what you’re talking about right now, so if you don’t want to put up a .blend, can you explain it with more detail?

The questions I’m asking to myself are these:
What worked with the no collision option?

What is getting stuck in the ground?

btw, yes I’m pretty that with no collision you can animate the object. I think you’re limited to the kind of logics you get to use though. I’m no sure :confused:

Good luck!

Sry dont wanna paste a blend file :confused: But the problem i had is With my boundary box around my character mesh.When i gave that box a collision boundry it started to lagg like crazy and the box jumped super fast up and down just like something was inside getting it stucked and bugged the physics. But couldent be when everything was ghost.

does it work when the meshes inside are all no collision?

Try putting all the meshes inside of it in a different layer and see if it works without the meshes.

Oh! And make sure that the center of the box, is actually the center. If you’re using 2.5, I’m not sure where the Center New button is, but in 2.49b the Center New button is in the edit buttons, just click it and the center point should snap to the medium point of the mesh :slight_smile:

1: It works when the mesh got “No Collide”
2: It works without the mesh
3: Made new origin but didnt work with the mesh.

Oh, well it’s obviously something with the mesh, I bet you knew that already.

And it doesn’t work when the mesh is static and ghost?

That’s mega weird. Can’t you leave the mesh on “No Collide”? Or does it need something specific that it needs to be static… I’ll see if I can make a quick example for my self and see if I have the same problem :wink:

Dont know if i will get a problem later on :stuck_out_tongue: dont really think so. Hmm. Well ill see xD

i think that if this is a third person, then you should just leave anything inside the boundary box on no collision. i tried it, and i get the same problem, im using 2.49b because the download doesnt work for me, but i did get to play around with the beta versions of 2.53. whether this problem exists in 2.53 is a mystery to me, but like i said, i was able to recreate this in 2.49b

i will try and animate and do everything that i was going too. If i get problem with this then i fix it that time. Lets just hope i dont have too xD