Bounds question + Object Axis (Game Engine Problems)

Hi, I posted a few days ago about some faces not showing in the Game Engine, and now Ive got some more questions for you :wink:

My characters object axis’s arent the way I want them to be, i.e. when I apply a local dLoc to him, he doesnt move forward or to the left or right, but something inbetween (see the blend file). I was wondering if its possible to rotate an objects axis so when I use dLoc he will walk forward. (Probably a newb question, but Im new :p)

I also have a question regarding locking rotation on some of the axises(is this the plural of axis?) (i.e. x and y) in the game engine, I was able to lock it in model mode through the transform properties (N-KEY), but when I started the game, it didnt work. I want to lock these axises because I dont want him to fall on his side during the game.


I have now made a character (yes, an ugly one, but Im new :p), rigged it and applied UV mapping to it. Now I want to add physics to him. However, when I press the “Bounds” button in the actor submenu, he flies off far away :S And if I dont, he falls down with half of his body through the ground. Does anyone know how to make some good bounds to a character like this one?


Here is the blend file, packed and ready to go [Its the updated file]:

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Your character flies away becouse your swoord is in him. If you join the sword to the character or move it away and select the bounds button he will stand and he won’t fly away

or turn collision off for the sword via Face->active draw mode->collision in UV face select mode

Ok, Ive got a new question for you, its in the original post (I updated it).