bow and arrow animation-how to do it?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know what are the basic steps for making an animation in which a human being(rigged him alerady) pulls back the bowString of the bow, while the arrow is following along…i just want the animation to play til that point, not further on… I know that I have to use child of constraints, but can someone please precisely tell me how to do it correctly? I dont want to just start off, without having an idea on how it will work…Thanks!

Make the bow and arrow first. Make the string. Add a shape key for the string. Add one more shape key (you can find these under the triangle if your using 2.5) and turn the value to 1 Then go into edit mode, select the middle vertice of the string and pull it back like itmis being drawn. Then if you slidenthe value up and down it will be drawing back the string. Then to animaye, i think you can just hover over the value bar with your mouse and hit “i” on your keyboard when its at 0. Then go forward some frames, slide the value to 1 and hit i again. nownitnis animated

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Wow man Thanks alot! It works perfectly :wink: I thoght it was a lot more difficult haha…so now there is only One animation isnt it and not two?