Bowhunting knife

Hi friends! Here is my latest work, made for PBA Polish Bowhunting Association.
I was working with my father who is bowhunter, we had to create small and compact knife in 3 version- wood and 2 micarta.
I hope you like it : )

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this version won’t be produced

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amazing job, and i know you gone for a very clean look because its meant to be for a corporate Ad, but non the less the backgrounds look very realistic, however the knife it self looks like its made in a 3d program, (too perfect) except the second and the third images,

im not saying you should change it, as they most likely would like it to look like this, im just pointing what i felt, but very good job

also i think the edge should be sharper than this, as its main functionn is to cut things

other than that is an eye candy :slight_smile:

Amazing,just amazing!:slight_smile:
How did you model/make those canadian leaves?

Realy cool! I like the wood background in the first picture! I absolutly would buy this knife although i absolutly do not need it! :smiley:

thank you :slight_smile:
This is very simply
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thank you Julian, ill place here a photo of real knife after production