Bowie Knife


Im just looking for some feedback on what I can change to make this knife look more real. I think there is a problem with the handle but I dont know what exactly… please give me some advice!

im trying to make this look more photorealistic.

Thank you!


Looks solid, but without any lighting it looks very bland, if textured i would draw slight white hihlights on the edges of the blade. other than that it looks pretty good.

I think you should consider a different texture for the handle. The texture you have is designed to break up light and shadow, which is great if you are trying to hide in a bush, but not ideal for enhancing a form. The blackness of the blade creates a similar issue, but some careful lighting could make it more visible, and maybe a subtle bump map.

Great! thank you for the advice guys…yes I definitely need to fix the lighting, and Ill consider a different texture for the grip…perhaps more of a wood finish or something similar, ill post again when I finish the changes.

Thank you again!

Hey guys, I made the blade more realistic and also I changed the grip to look more real. although I not happy with the handle still…something is off.

Thank you for the advice though, its very much appreciated


The handle has way to much bump, i would smooth it out. other than that pretty solid.

I agree with 3DChef as to smooth out the handle…but I’ve just noticed as well that the blade has some scratches and weathering to it, but the “JD Intelligence” logo is very pristine and has no scratches or weathering, so IMO that breaks up the whole feel.

Is it my idea or the knife seems to be kinda floating above the wooden surface???