Bowl of apples

Hello everyone!

I recently had a look at Rasmus’ beatiful apple material at blendernation and decided to have a go at it.

So I followed his instructions and did some changes of my own and made a rather simple scene to put the apples in. This was the result.

Rendered in cycles, 800 passes



Lovely apples! I would say that they are all too simlar and you need much more variation in size/shape/colour/stalk length & curve etc…

Really nice rendering! The apples are the same model, but thats not bad. You rotated them in a way, so that you have to do a close look to figure that out.

I entirely agree with you marc! for the sake of time and simplicity i had them all to be linked during the modelling process.

Now I don’t know any way to “unlink” two objects again and therefore it is not possible to make any changes…

Maybe someone know how to do this? I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

(By link I mean when you copy an object using Alt + D)

Its simple, go to the object data tab when you have scelected an apple and make it a single user.

The reason you can not change them individually because they do not have their own material but use the same. On the picture is marked a number in red, which stands next to the material name. It indicates how many objects that uses this material. If you press the number you will give the active object its own material and will be able to change parameters without changing the other.

Disregard my post. I read shift + D, not alt + D

Thank you though for the ambitious post Rally! :smiley:
Though I can’t seem to find the single user button as in the material settings of rally’s example…

I found another sollution though! If you simply press U while in object mode you can select Make single user -> Object and data. :slight_smile:

If only blender was a bit simpler :wink:

cool how did you textureise the apples?