Bowl of fruit

I think they’re oranges, but there seems to be some disagreement at my house.

At any rate let me know what you think of the scene (or just the fruit if you like. :smiley: )

Thanks in advance.


i think everything looks wonderful! just need to work on those hanging cups

I hope you won’t mind some constructive criticism…here goes:

  1. the texture on the jars is a little weird, how about makingthem transparent or better yet metal?
  2. I think you should increase the wood texture’s resolution.
  3. you can’t really see the Altoids label, maybe another camera angle?
  4. Excellent color balance in the scene…I really love the lighting.

(5). those don’t look like cups to me :wink: they’re pieces of paper. nice touch on the coffee stain

well done

Elsdon, a good start.

I have to agree about the cups and point out that the pencil holder looks as though it’s floating. I still have problems with the shadows directly beneath objects!

IMHO the oranges need to be a bit more orange. :smiley:

Nice work so far I especially like the background modeling and texturing :o


Thanks guys.

I’ve made a couple of changes based on you suggestions

The oranges are oranger (but I think I may have gone over the top on that one).

The cannisters were a a rock wall texture that I agree did not translate very well so they now match the pencile holder (which was floating due to advances in pencile holder technology, so i made it a conventional one. :smiley: )

Now the problem with the hanging cups is a tough one. :expressionless: I think the conflict was in the glasses in the hutch. I made them a little less translucent so hopefull they more closely resemble stemmed gobblets.

Thanks for the advise guys.


the angle, the angle, you forgot the angle :smiley:

Elsdon, I’ve just realised that the white objects hanging from the front of the cupboard are pieces of paper and tape. :expressionless: To start with they looked like hanging cups, hence my comment about them looking flat.

The glasses look spot on and the pots look better in wood.

Excellent progress.