Bowl of milk (fluid sim)

I thought I’d made a demo animation last night to demonstrate the new vector blur capabilities of the fluid simulator for the 2.42 release notes. It was the first time I’d used the fluid sim, but it turned out to be less complicated than I thought - once I got the hang of it, it was pretty simple to at least get this result. Took a few hours in the evening to model/bake/light/texture and overnight to render (liberal use of ray mirror… :slight_smile: )

And the videos: (quicktime h.264) (MPEG4) (.blend file)

Did you set the bowl to ‘no slip?’ the way the milk is clinging on to the bowl is just weired. You can also try to decrease the size of the bowl after the fluid is baked to remove this artifact. Other than that, i must say teh fluid bahaves pretty much like milk…

Add a bit of glow and slow down the entire animation by making the video at least 2000 frames long, then it would look like one of those commercials.

Yeah I had it on about 0.5 part slip/noslip. Maybe it needs less slipperiness (and I guess more resolution wouldn’t hurt either). Maybe when I get a faster computer I’ll experiment more, right now it’s pretty time-consuming :slight_smile:

I also think the fluid sim is good, it is able to handle complex obstacle setups, like I successfully made an image where fluid flows down a pyramid of glasses.

I would love to see more fluid sim examples! This one is really cool. I baked it at 160 res, and it looked very good. I would make some fuid sims, but i don’t have any ideas for one, and i have tried making one, and i can’t seem to get it right ever.

I can’t get vector blur to work on my fluid sim and it’s really annoying! I have the nodes and everything set up correctly, have a speed and z pass, didn’t turn off the vector button in the fluid sim panel; I just don’t know what’s wrong with it. Anyone have any suggestions please?

Ps, nice stuff! I think the lighting’s really nice in this too.

Dude… dont revive 2 year old treads, just get on IRC and ask the question.
or create a new tread :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow that problem got into 2.48, sorry about that.

I am fixing it in the very moment. I’ll keep you informed.