Bowling Lane

I really need help with this project, my goal is to get it as realistic as possible!

The blue sphere is to represent the ball that will be there.

It seems like you have an excellent start on the wood floor, and the pin modeling looks good. What areas are you struggling with?

The gutters, lighting, area around the pins/floor/gutters, camera angle, post processing, the ball itself, and so on.

I can’t get the right material for the gutters, I tried a glossy shader, glossy/diffuse mix shader (what you see now), and anistropic.

Later on in the project I want to add a motion blur to the ball, I know how to do that in Paint.NET, but I’d like to learn how in blender.

I could be wrong on this but I think the ball is set to flat shading, and possibly the pins too. Its hard to tell with the low samples. Tools panel, (hit T) select the ball and click smooth shading. Also the ball wants to be more like the alley. A simple mix of diffuse and glossy should do. The roughness should be low, in the .02 - .06 range probably. 0 is a perfect mirror. As for the mix factor experiment. A brand new ball obviously has higher gloss than an alley ball. But it look likes you’re in pretty good shape so far.

That is looking good so far! The grey texture on the walls behind the pins doesn’t look very realistic in my opinion. Also, I believe that usually bowling pins are more spread out than in your picture. The scale of your objects maybe correct, but they look kind of funny to me (maybe the bowling pins are too big, or the width of the bowling lane is too narrow). A bowling lane is 39 inches wide, a bowling ball has a diameter of 8.5 inches, and a bowling pin is 15 inches tall. Also I think the glossy of the wood and the gutters should have more roughness because right now they have very sharp reflections. The gutters might look better if they were darker and a little bit deeper. Here is a picture that shows what I am talking about: