box/border select


I’m a blender newbe and starting with the tutorial.

There i read about box select, but in my 2.41 version, it doesn’t work
like it is written.

"Box Select

On many occasions you may have vertices hidden behind other vertices, as is the case here. Our subdivided cube has 26 vertices, yet you can only see nine because the others are hidden.

A normal RMB click selects only one of these stacked vertices, whereas a box select selects all. Thus, in this case, even if you see only three vertices turning yellow you have actually selected nine vertices."

I can only select the vertices that i can see on my front view…

Do i something wrong?



With your cursor hovering in the 3D window press AKEY to deselect all elements. Vertices will turn pink. Now press BKEY;

It’s kind of hidden on the page, couldn’t find it myself for a while :slight_smile:


Still no luck…when i press AKEY and deselect (status line shows Ve:0-26)
all vertices, and then BKEY and draw rectangle around left 3 vertices,
only 3 vertices are selected (Ve:3-26) instead of the promised 9 vertices…


Not at all, you’re probably not in Wireframe mode. You have two choices
a) hit “Limit selection to visible”.
b) hit “Z”

Also by hitting “Z” you can find the “Limit selection to visible” button. It will appear and disapper with from and to the shaded mode.


That was it…was in solid mode with Limit selection to visible…
thanks for helping this newbee!