Box Bot and a Rock(Animation)

Hey Everybody, Heres my Entry for CGTalk’s Animation Session this month. I went with the non-audio category, of animating something doing something ghosty. Its not exactly ghosty, but Im pretty happy with it.

Its under 5 megs. Blender internal, ao, simple lighting setup.

All crits welcome,

Cool one, very nice character animation and nice story idea!


Great character movements. Very well done! I would like see more like this (a series perhaps?).

Haha thats sweet man. Very well animated and the scene has a good feeling to it. All in all i liked it!

Thanks guys!

@AntonG: Glad you enjoyed it!

@anthonyesau: Much Appreciated. I’ll likely use this character for many animations in the future(He’s very simple to animate, due to lack of facial expression), so you’ll no doubt see him again! I’m still working out a good story for a short…I’ll keep you posted.

@Crititrozoz: Hey, thanks man! Im glad it turned out so well.

Ha, very nice, for some reason I like the rock’s expression more than the cube’s :rolleyes:.
The FACT: part was nice touch too.

Is it just me, or were you not that good at character animation before??:eek:
You seem to definitely have the basics down now… nice fluid, weighted, not floaty cg movements. Part of me thinks you should have used buffer shadows for a clean look. But maybe you didn’t want a clean look. Maybe you really ‘do’ clean.

Concept is funny as well. Really has a ‘sneaking up from behind’ feel to the animation, buut it would be even better with facial expressions. Sorry to break it to you.

What I never understood about characters like this is how they’re rigged without deforming the cubes making up the limbs. (warning: I know VERY LITTLE about rigging).

Anyway, hope to see more of this:D:D

@otto riis: Ha, thanks man. The FACT thing was a spur of the moment thing, Im glad it looks good.

@blenditall: Ha, Youre so right. I basicly sucked. I think a huge part of my problem was a lack of rigging knowledge. For the longest time I didnt know how to keep IK’d appendages(like feet and hands) anchored while the body moved. This made for tons of slipping, that floaty feel, and a lot of frustation.
Recently, I was checking out the ludwig rig, and finally figured it out. Since I had spent so long trying to animate with so many disadvantages, it came a lot easier now.

Thats my theory at least :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I had to break it to myself that lack of facial expression killed a fair bit of the emotion, but I really wanted to use this guy, and really didnt want to make up good expressions(so I opted for a painted UV texture), which can be tough if you’re using just shapes(as compared to a modeled mouth).

About the fancy deformation: The body is of course one bone… The shoulder and upper arm are on bone. Now, heres the trick. For the forearm, I have a small extrusion on the end of the upperarm(and inside the forearm) so that the boxes never come apart, but also deform well. That way, I can also keep it low poly, which means pretty fast rendertimes(Like 5-12 seconds I think). The legs work on the same idea. I can send you a blend sometime.

Hopefully that made a tiny bit of sense :smiley:

Anyway, thanks again, peace man,

Looks cool. i’m incredibly busy lately, and haven’t had time to work on ANYTHING (I went back and fixed a heinous old model of mine a week ago, just 'cos), but how doth one anchor something like a foot while animating?

Also, my only critique is the lack of facial animation and the omigosh at the end.

Really nice stuff! Pretty good movement, although parts seemed a little slow. Other than that it was really awesome!

Great stuff free_ality.

i like the idea man! :smiley: i have nothing to say with the character animation, good enough for me.

@Fuzzmaster: Ha, the omigosh was dorky, but whatever :slight_smile: Thanks.
As for the anchored foot: I’ll make up a quick .blend for you, It’s a bit tough to explain :slight_smile:

.blend example:

@Cuby: There was particular pause that Was a little iffy, but I mostly cleaned it up, thanks!

@garuhhh: Thanks very much, man!

Great model and animation, I really liked the sneaking up.
My one crit would be the jump at the very end, I don’t think he leaves the ground quick enough for it to be a jump, it seems a little floaty.
Awesome stuff.

yeah really great! but the “boo” is a little passive and the text is too fast

@Mornstar and l.lundstrom: Thanks guys, good crits!

any chance you could share the character or do a tut?

I doubt I’ll share the character, but what kind of tutorial are you interested in?

On the topic of a tutorial, I would be interested in knowing your animation process, especially how to achieve realistic and fluid movements.


I think I’ll look into that. No promises, but

very nice! i like it! :slight_smile: