Box City early release of the unfinished demo~! ZIP Archive, 45 MB

Demo icludes only one mission and only one mall item.
<i><b>This demo does not represent the final quality of the game in many ways.</b></i>

A lot of things aren’t functional and are UNFINISHED
For example
Money System
Other Missions
Artificial Intellegence for those missions
You name it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1 - The City (Without The Club)
2 - The City (With The Club)
3 - The Mall
4 - Mission No 1
5 - The Restourant
6 - The Bank

Screenshots don’t include:

Mission chooser
The Club

I havent released the installation file because for now, it’s only availabile for users
who speak Croatian and Serbian. The English version of the installer will be released
when the project is finished.

Instrucions: Use arrow keys to move around, cursor to select and ESC to bring up the
quit pop up.

Current project members:

  • Oyaki
  • Volume
  • Abdu (Still figuring out a job for him :smiley: All tho he is busy)

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Send a mail to [email protected] to be one of the following

Game Master
Forum Administrator (Forum Coming Soon!)
Visual Basic OR C++ Programmer

Programs used:

Thanks to everyone who helped (and who will help ;D)

Upcoming Releases:

seems nice, but…
no screenies?

I knew it! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post 'em shortly…

EDIT: There :smiley: Thanks for reminding me!

looks nice indeed, I see influence of GTA 3

EW, NO! All influence goes to Audition On Line xD

BTW Nice projects Nikolay, i would help but i dont have a GLSL Card :frowning: