Box Cutter ngon bevel not working

Hi all,

I just started using BoxCutter. I tried to use NGON shape cut. After I drew the cutting outline, I tried to bevel the cutter. But when I click and drag the top right blue circle button, It doesn’t bevel anything no matter which direction. Does anyone know why it doesn’t work?

It would be best if you asked this here…

When it comes to boxcutter and ngon. A common issue is double, tripple clicking and adding points they cant resolve due to unusual manevering. The attached clip shows me attempting the same cut.

Starting ngon is click and drag to start then clicking each point. Sometimes double clicking at the start can create points so close to each other that the bevel has no where to go.

(Hope that makes sense/helps)

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Thanks for your suggestion. I will post there next time.

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Yes, I did the start wrong. It should click and drag for the start. You are very awesome. Thank you so much !

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