Box Cutter on portable install of blender

I need instructions on installing box cutter on a portable version of blender. I am also wondering how people manage there preferences for multiple installs of blender when they install them. We all need multiple installs of blender so I am puzzled why the box cutter instructions do not favor the portable install. One time back with 2.77 my preferences would not keep and it was because I had multiple installs. So at this time I am not going to delete my config folder and I am going to put a Hops folder in the place they say not to:
it states:
3a. Or use install from file. But this only works if the folder is not there already! Otherwise… issues. In the addon panel locate Boxcutter and delete them then you are able to install the newer update. Make sure the folders are not there and it should work fine.

(DO NOT try to install it on the blender install itself. That has shown to not work. ex: C:\Users\RUSER\Desktop\Blender Builds\2.8-updater\Git-f18373a9ab1a-25-May-23-18\2.80\scripts\addons - this is not the right place. See 3.

  1. Open Blender and enable the add-on. I delete my config so blender would open cleanly without issue from previous prefs.
    As far as I know if I try to install both 2.81a and 2.82 at the same time - these two installs will mangle up each others preferences. I always create a config folder next to scrips and addons and use the portable zip install.
    As far as I know if I try to install both

A re-downloaded boxcutter zip from gumroad. I did not put the contents of the zip in the Hops folder I put the ZIP in the Hops folder. I deleted the boxcutter folder that was in the addons directory renaming it to oldboxcutter did not do the job I had to delete it. I deleted my config folder and then made a new folder called config. SO now it works.
I have read up on it and it seams Box Cutter has a great deal of time put into it. Because I purchased hard opps and box-cutter separately I now need to figure out how to install it. I am not sure but I think if I purchaced “kitops” it woudl come with boxcutter and hardops. ? I am guessing this is so and kitops ties the two together ? with a way to use blend files like “blocks” in Autocad… ?? and we can make k paks it looks like a workflow for 3 addons maybe but I am a bit confused.