Box Cutter?: Z without T? : Z 'inset box' function?

I see there is a reaction when I hit ‘z’ while making a cut in Box Cutter, but it doesn’t seem to do anything UNLESS the ‘t’/Solidify boxcutter hotkey is used.

Is ‘z’ useless unless used in conjunction with ‘t’?


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I think someone may have changed the inset hotkey to xxx, and not updated tutorials. I had a problem with that just today (Boxcutter 7.18) I’ve also been having weird problems with the keymap in BoxCutter and the keymap in Cablerator not being available, even immediately after installation, so it could be something glitched.

Are the status line hints still accurate? (I think there are status line hints…)

Absolutely no idea…Not even sure what status line hints would be, since I’m just getting started with HopsCutter. I got the keymap problem fixed by letting masterxeon know in the HardOps thread here on BA, and within 24 minutes, he(?) posted a new version which sorted out the problem. All I could suggest at this point is ask in the HardOps Thread Hard Ops Thread - #3309 by masterxeon1001

Best of luck with things!