box drink - unwrap

I am trying to learn how to unwrap but now I need to unwrap myself from the mess. I am lost in the ocean of texture. Some please help.

If I have a simple box drink, I want to unwrap it into 4 plans and giving each side a name so that it is easier for me to select or recognize in more complicated cases. Is there anyway I can do this in blender? Thanks.

Good Morning,

I’m trying to pick up my 3d brushes again via Blender. I’m attempting to convert from 3DS. Basically, my hurdle is finding a tutorial that walks you through adding images to different faces of an object and the steps to unwrap the mesh for manipulation in the UV editor.

Specifically for 2.57. Just simple bullet points of the process. It will help modelers coming from other applications get up and running faster.

Specifically, I’m to the point of marking the seams on a cube to unwrap, but can’t find the next step to actually get the unwrap to work. ID-10-T error (I clicky button thingy, but nothin’ happening)

In my searches for current tutorials I’ve noticed others searching for this type of guide through the uv mapping process.

Thanks for the help


I am new blood to blender too. Recently after some cold sweat, manage to make sense of the unwrap creature. Here I summarize and hope is helpful to you :

For easier viewing, split the window into 2 (1 use 3D view and another use UV image editor view)

Under 3D view :

  • Mark seam,
  • Display the object as textured
  • select the whole box --> A
  • assign material/texture (remember under the mapping, change coordinates to “UV”)
  • to unwrap --> U / unwrap

Under UV image editor view
-Select the texture image

  • Move G /rotate R the vertices so that you will have the texture shapes and size as per your intention.
  • Render to see the result --> F12

I have yet know how to setup the 3D view so that the result will be shown on the spot as I edit the UV without rendering. However the above summary steps should be the whole process for basic unwrap.

Set View Port shading to “Textured”. In Properties panel set Shading to GLSL.

oh…thank you very much Ridix. I have been looking for this GLSL location but fail. So it is hiding there.