Box Filling (like Excelsior)


I’m trying to create a product, which is laid into a box filled with something like ribbons. Something similar to this:

The questions are:

  • What method would you recommend to model the filling? I tried to use splines (with randomizing their points positions), but there appeared quite a lot of intersections between ribbons, and hair particle system, but I wasn’t able to achieve the desired result (poor knowledge of hair system). Maybe somebody will recommed a better method :slight_smile:
  • How to prevent the filling from going through the box sides and the product surface?
  • How to make a kind of a nest around the product (I want to “lay” the product in a “nest”)?


I don’t know for sure, but I suggest you play a little with physics in blender. I’m a complete novice when it comes to physics but I know they could be used in this kind of project. They’ll make your life easier if you know how to use them. You must note that this much geometry will put on a lot of stress on your hardware.

Thanks, Ognjen! I have also tried physics too (forgot to mention it). I was trying to use it on other similar projects too (e.g., a bunch of wires), but I didn’t succeed in making it behave right.

This still works: use particles generated from box Volume, convert particle system after you set it up to nicely bounce inside the box (could model ‘nest’ part too likely to force particles to not take this space). Convert to Curves, Fill to Front, some Bevel Depth and convert back to mesh.
To be sure particles do not run away i did include particle generator cube in another which was set as a Collision.

Eppo, Zenitor, thanks for answers!

Eppo, I can’t prevent particles (and hair too) from going through a collision cube. How did you managed to do that? Can you post your file, please?

I might have had inverted the face normals…

Thanks, Eppo!