Box (first Blender scene) - updated

Hello, I’ve played with Blender off and on for about a year, but this is the first real scene that I’ve completed. Most of my 3D experience is in CAD, not artistic modelling. The box was inspired by this weeks primitives WC, but I’m not sure if I’m going to enter it.

Scroll down for the updated image. The original image is here.

What does everybody think? I’m particularly interested in suggestions for texturing and lighting because I feel weak in those areas. The scene has two spot lights with a slight yellow tint and all the textures are procedural except for the cobblestones.

What I think is this: your name bears a striking resemblace to mine, as the T in my name also stands for Trevor. This is very odd. As for the picture, you probably should make the coblestone a bit bumpier. Also, the wall in the back is a bit bumpy and really seems to have no relavance to the scene. Anyways it’s good to meet you, and work on. :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, welcome, Trevor, to Elysiun! :smiley:

To the untrained eye this scene might look rather simple, but it’s what you’ve done with the box that’s quite appreciative: while many modelers would have been content to create a box and flaps using minimal geometry, you’ve gone the extra step and introduced minor but vital imperfections in the sides/flaps of the box, thereby making it much more believable and special :slight_smile:

The hint of corrugation is also a very nice touch!

If revising the background becomes too much of a task or goes nowhere, perhaps a simpler background, one that doesn’t compete as much with the primary subject, might work, or even something like just a black background.

Texturing issues can be overcome easily enough in time. Everyone has artistic potential, so just stick with it :wink: Your CAD experience may give you a much stronger foundation than you realize with Blender, so I’m sure it will come in very handy for you at some point.

The box as it is creates a nice little sense of mystery… what’s in it, or what was in it. A good/slightly connotative title (e.g. “Special Delivery” or “The Gift”) can also give a little extra something to an image, ever so quietly suggesting the viewer imagine things a certain way or perhaps wonder a little bit more about what the image could be portraying.

In any event, I hope to see more of your work and encourage you to do more with Blender and share your progress with the community here :slight_smile:

Take care,


Pretty good for a first work. Hope to see more from you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback and the warm welcome guys.

TGinn, the G in my name stands for Greene, a striking resemblance indeed. I toned down the stucco on the wall and added some bump to the cobblestones. I don’t know how to make a really good bump map, so I could use some tips and tricks. I put the wall in because the box looked funny sitting in the middle of an open stairway. Now it’s supposed to be against the wall in a narrow alley

Robertt, thank you for noticing the detail in the box. It is nice for that effort to be appreciated. I’m also pleased with how the corrugation turned out. I made it with a simple wood grain texture with no noise. I’ve picked the title “Forgotten Delivery.” I think taht conveys the feeling I get from this image.

Now, here is the updated Forgotten Delivery

looks pretty damn good dude.

Damn good. The imperfections make it perfect, hehe.

Don’t see much improvement, but one thing you could do is subdivide the brick textured mesh like crazy then select for the texture to displace the surface.

I like that box… for a while I was worried that this would be yet another yellow cube with interesting lighting thingie…

But I was wrong.

As textures go, box looks very good, but that cobble stone textures looks plain wrong. I’d do displacement for it, or at least I’d try…
As this state, that stone eats up all attention. And not in the good way.