Box mode

I got a question:

When you press the B it goes into the box mode

Does it allow you to make the proper scaling while you extrude for modelings?

Example: When going to the arms and legs of the character you wanted to model as you go forth

In Edit mode, pressing B turns on Box Select, whre you can drag out a box and the intended selection inside the box is then highlighted as selected… It does allow you to select parts of your mesh that are connected so you can scale or move them around and not affect the other non-selected vertices.

Question: How do you drag a box?

I tried left clicking on it after I press the B, but it didn’t appear

Select your object in Object Mode, then Tab to Edit mode, and then press ‘A’ to deselect all the vertices/edges/faces of your mesh. Press ‘B’ to start box select, then click the left mouse button and drag to draw a box around the desired selection, and release - you should then have a highlighted selection.

You start reading here;

realize it is written for Blender2.49 and before (except for one section that is reprinted for Blender2.5)
and read
to get an idea about where the buttons are diferent from the Noob To Pro tutorial and your Blender version, then ask in these forums when you need to if you cant find the new locations of buttons or tools. (support > basics and interface is a good place)

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