box modeling and poly by poly

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When we talk about modeling modeling practices like box modeling and poly by poly. I have found few content that speaks more of each of the processes. Could you explain more about the subject and other content of websites that have this explanation?
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Box Modelling:


first, sorry for the horseshit quality, best i could do with a 1 minute deadline on each…

anyways, i think it still proves the point.

Box Modelling is a quick process often to create a base mesh to do further work with, be it a retopology for a finer basemesh followed by sculpting, or a basemesh to just sculpt on right away.
its also a technique used to very quickly flesh out an idea, so instead of spending 30 minutes creating a scene, you spend 5 minutes creating a scene, and then ask for approval. saves a lot of time in the cases where a client wants something changed.

Polymodelling however is a skill in of itself, all though its fairly outdated these days.
Polymodelling was how almost every single character was made back in the days, but with modern computers and software, its often common to go stright into the sculpting process, followed by a Retopology afterwards.

The primary advantage of sculpting is the ability to quickly make changes to the character without having to worry about topology, or edge flow, and you can very easily add finer details that in the end would of completely changed the entire topology if you started with polymodelling in the first place.

Polymodelling is extremely outdated, the only thing that is done with simple polymodelling these days id say is probably architectural visualisation. even Hard Surface modelling is done in sculpting programs these days - most common of which is Zbrush, all though its quite expensive. but if you do buy it, you own it for life.
alternative would be Sculptiris, but i cant recomend it as ive never used it.

Hello! I have read some definitions and I know of them, because there is the difference of box modeling and poly by poly that even then are not many in terms of workflow. Thanks for your return!

i didnt quite understand you, if you said there is not a difference in terns of workflow then you are very wrong. as i stated, these are two completely different techniques, used for two entirely different things.

It’s because I have not put into the subject of the post the other aspect of modeling that is digital sculpture that contrasts in polygonal modeling in the workflow.
This comparison I did not explain here.
The Post is something we can express our ideas and learn. You did not know the conversation and now I’m passing you by.
You must be an expert in polygonal modeling!
I do not know everything in this respect but I know polygonal modeling enough for my work!

no you dont. as long as you understand topology you wont have to learn traditional poly modelling.

sculpt + retopo is the way to go now.

traditional modelling is only used in architecture and hard surface atm, but even hard surface is fading into sculpting.
and re-topology is becoming more and more automated over the years.

Boolean is also going to be very big in the near future.

show me a few screenshots of what you are working on, and i can give you a respectable workflow for it. how you do something depends on what you are doing, its not quite black and white.

It’s all right.
Thank you anyway!