Box-Modeling Help

Hi Guys,

Well I’m new to Blender, and 3D modeling in a whole, but I’ve been working with it for the past few days and I’m begining to get the hang of it. I’m part of a group of people working on a 3D game and I’d like to be able to help them with the modeling aspect of it. So I used a box-modeling tutorial I found on the net. The problem with it was that huge peices of info were missing. It would go from front view modeling to side view, and it wouldleave out important steps. So I have yet to be able to finnish a fully 3D model.

I’m using art work that has a front and side view, but most tutorials don’t show you how even when your done modeling the views, on how to put them together. They all seem to end with a screenshot of the mesh over each view… which is kinda useless to me…

I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a FULL box-modeling tutorial that hopefully models a human head. I need a tutorial that makes a head from the first square to being able to texture the model.

Hopefully someone will be able to help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


This one is just fine I think:

but you should be familiar with blender’s functionallity, because this tutorial is just for 3d software in general.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile: but like I said I’m working off concept art. That tutorial is if you were just winging it. They didn’t use any 2D art, they just modeled their person like modeling clay until they saw what they want. Thats good and all, but it would be easier if I could see a tutorial with someone using some concept art and working around it.

Thanks again,


Why box-modelling specifically? Does the method really matter?

At this point, I couldn’t box model to save my life. I do start modeling and find myself thinking about ways I could have done certain things, and box-modeling sometimes strike me as eing a quick and conservative way to rough out a starting head shape with the start of good rings and loops.

when I try box modeling, I find myself mixing styles Point-poly because I don’t have the forsight of predicting how the topology should flow well yet. I do see that box technique is blazing fast for some people like the guy at secondreality and bay raitt, glen southern, ken brilliant and the lot. but I think julian jeremy johnson mortimer’s style is awesome to me.

I do wish I was better at box modeling though.

Ask the ones that done the concept art if they could do some blueprints for you.

I box modelling all the time. It’s the tecnique that I think is the simpliest to learn and the fastest to use. You can find blueprints of humans, cars, planes and stuff here To get to the blueprints you have to click on the category you want to see. Took me while to figure out how to access 'em (thought I had to register.)