Box-modelled head

A head I’m trying to box-model using subdivision surfaces. I’d appreciate some helpful comments and advice.

Update: I’ve made some corrections to his lips.


is subsurf on.Or is it jus smooth?

This is very obviously subsurfed.

This needs some improvement. The face is too flat, the eyes are too high (and small), he has no ears, and the nose is wavy. Have fun.


This guy has no forehead. Same thing about the eyes, and the flat face.
This has potential though

I think the lips look really good.

Overall, it looks a little too boxy. Maybe highlighting a few of the vertices on the back of the head, then using the “To Sphere” feature with a somewhat low % would improve the overall shape.

I’m not sure if you were going for this look, but the chin looks a little too wide. I think using a reference pic would help with some of the minor details like the nose and eyes.

nice so far but here’s some advice:

a) tinkering around with box modeling is good, but while you do, try to learn about edge loops - if you don’t know what an edge loop is, like I didn’t until recently, then you should know you have that much more learning to look forward to

b) study the human form - we stare at people’s faces all day, but often times we aren’t thinking about the actual figure that we are looking at - instead we just think “she’s hot” or “he’s an asshole” - try to expand your perception to look more deeply

c) also video tutorials are your best friend!