Box Select as Default

Is there any way to make box select the default method of selection? I’ve searched quite a bit and the only thing I can find is a post from 2008 where someone replied that in Blender 2.5 it might be possible, and as we’re on 2.74 now I’m curious if it is?

Oddly I used to use Blender quite a while ago and I’m quite sure I had it set up to be the default method, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out now. Thanks!

What do you mean by default method of selection ?

You can change the shortcut for box select from B to Tweak to allow you to just drag out a selection with the left mouse (also change shortcut to for Set 3D Cursor so it is not LMB) in the User Preferences / Input / 3D View / 3D View (Global)

Anakhoresis . Check out these 2 threads for examples

rSelection Addon by PLyczkowski, very good addon that probably does what you want.
My Custom Blender Setup that has a whole lotta love in it :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to use them as a whole, you can still use it to reverse engineer and make your own.

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you guys so very much! :slight_smile: