box select issue

Hi all!

I’m not sure I should post this topic here. If I “misposted”, sorry for that. The thing is as follows:

I’m a brandnewbie in Blender. I’m following the official manual, and I’ve just encountered a problem: according to the manual, speaking of a subdivided cube (9x3 = 27 vertices) it states:

Box Select: On many occasions you may have vertices hidden behind other vertices, as is the case here. Our subdivided cube has 27 vertices, yet you can only see nine because the others are hidden.
A normal RMB click selects only one of these stacked vertices, whereas a box select selects all. Thus, in this case, even if you see only three vertices turning yellow you have actually selected nine vertices.

And here comes the problem: I do the box select, but I REALLY get ONLY 3 vertices selected, not 9 (checked in other views).

What’s the matter here? Can someone help?

Thanks a lot!

Is the 3D window in Shaded View? Try it in wire frame view

If this occurs only in Shaded View it’s because by default selection is limited to visable vertexes in this mode. To allow selection of hidden vertexes in Shaded View, toggle the button showing the cube on the right.

This feature (z-buffering) may have been added after the section of the manual you’re reading was written.

Yes, all you said is true! Hope it will be documented in next manual releases (I’m reading volume I of the 2.3 manual).