Box select only selects topmost (not hidden) vertices.

I’m doing the tutorial from the “Blender 2.3 Guide” and right away I find someting that won’t go. I’m trying to box select on Gus the gingerbread man and only the top vertices select, not all of them as the tutorial says.

I’m actually running Blender 2.41 so that may be the problem.

Pray tell me how to select so that top vertex and also hidden vertices beneath all select so that I may continue with the tutorial.


well, if you mean the verts behind other verts there is two things you can do to select them all. You could hit z to go into wireframe mode then box select. Or if you look at the 3d header info, while in solid edit mode click on the little cube that says “limit selection to visible” on roll over. This while disable that feature.

A search may help as this question has been answered many, many times. Also, the gingerbread was updated I think, in the wiki. isn’t responding for me at the moment so I can’t offer an address.

In short, press “Z” or (un)press the “Limit selection to visible” button, which looks like a 3D cube in the 3D window menu bar.