Box Select too slow to use

I’m running blender 2.49b on the newest Ubuntu.

When I hit “B” for ‘box select’, the cursor starts moving very slowly. When I click somewhere to make a selection I have to wait about 30 seconds for the box to appear and than the same amount of time on release. Otherwise the application works fine. How do I fix this?


lamborghini_insecta_0.04.blend (156 KB)

Check to see if there are any updates to your graphic card drivers as it sounds like a graphic glitch.


Must be your computer, the file you posted works fine for me.

It worked fine with mine also. I tried it on a computer I use for internet (chipset, vista, and every other low grade thing) and other simple things, and I had the issues you were describing

The drivers are up to date, and the problem still exists. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to look deeper into it, so for the moment I’ll work around it. If you hit “B” twice, you can select vertices with a brush tool. First few times after starting Blender the Select tool is fairly usable.

This problem doesn’t exist on Ubuntu 8.10, I installed it as dual-boot just to finish my project. The driver is messed up, I should have thought about it before posting this question.

Thanks for your help folks

This Intel/OpenGL problem has been around quite a while. Thought I’d have another crack at fixing it today, which is how I stumbled on this thread.

I installed the latest intel gfx drivers using this guide:

And it seems to be fixed now; box select and splitting windows now runs smoothly.

Hmmm, problems with media playback in other apps after updating. Possibly bad idea to update the kernel.