Box Select

I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with box select in Blender 2.5 in general. In 2.5.2, when I select a group of vertices, or a single vertex, sometimes it would also select random vertices as well. In 2.5.3 when i box select, I can usually get the vertices that I want, but then when I’m dragging the box to select more, it ends up moving the vertices. I’m wondering if its a problem with Windows XP(its the same problem on my laptop), or if other people have experienced the same thing.

I don’t have this issue with box select but I do have it with the marquee selection tool, more specifically when it goes back on itself it’ll select random vertice’s around the selection area.

I’m pretty certain it’s a bug though as I saw the picture over at CGtalk.

I don’t really have much of an issue with box select either, at least in the revisions well past Alpha2 it doesn’t seem to have near as many glitches as it did when it was first ported over.

What’s marquee select? If it’s different from box select then I don’t think I ever used that tool.

hold down ctrl and left drag to draw, whatever is inside the boundary will/ should be selected, it needs some work though.

what is this marquee select ?

i often use the lasso select and seem ok except in weight paint mode
sometimes it misses some of the vertex may be a bug !


Well, it seemed all of my selection problems were solved when I exited Steam… well, I’ll keep that in mind next time I start up Blender.

Lol I have no idea why I was a saying marquee when I do in fact mean the lasso tool.

That doesn’t sound good. Did you have steam running under the window?