Box selection lag

okay i’ve about had it with this problem and i have been tempted to go with another software package, but blender is the one i was trained in, i’ve tried everything i could think of even went out and bought a 64bit OS… here’s what happens… i hit B, i get the little crosshair, then i drag after about a second of dragging and holding down the mouse i get a box finally.

heres what i found out about this problem, it only happens on one monitor, whatever one i set to primary, it doesn’t happen in 1.5… but i’m partially a second life creator and the sculpt scripts are only for 1.49. i’ve tried installing both the 64 and 32 bit pythons to see if that helped but still the box selection is lagged. I’ve tried turning off multi GPU, and also tried it in single GPU mode, i’ve run it as administrator… and even upped the priority in the task manager… i am running vista 64 ultimate and my GPU is a geforce 295 gtx… i really hope you all can help i love blender and this little irritating thing is killing it for me :frowning:

Any draw related problems are usually caused by the graphics frivers. Try turning off anti aliasing in the graphics card settings or see if there are any recent driver updates. Don’t just believe if when you update your drivers a message says that you have the latest version. Go to the website and really check.

I would have to agree with the graphics card issue. One of the computers here was running pretty choppy in some areas dealing with more than just one 3D software package. Downloaded an update and no more problems. No cost easy fix, if it works, and if it doesn’t, there may be another issue going on.

depending on OS, graphics card/drivers and also settings then you’ll often find that only one monitor gets 3d acceleration.

in windows for example (from when I was using maya a lot more) , if you use dual monitors on nvidia you had to us some kind of “span” rather than “twin view” setting (sorry i don’t remember thedetails) but if the monitors are configured to allow maximising windows to one monitor that’s when you get the no acceleration issue… spanning maya between two monitors set this way used to lead to a slow and painful death of what you’re working on!

the answer was to configure the monitors to act as a single workspace that sadly would maximise a window accross the whole dual display…