Box where the scene name is turns red?

There is a reason why I put this thread in this forum, because I’m pretty sure it has something to to with the GE. For one of my scenes, the box where the scene name is turned red and I don’t know why. If you click the arrow next to the box to get the scene drop-down menu, that one scene either has a circle before it or it says “-1” before it. I’m not sure why it’s doing this. It isn’t causing any problems, but it’s rather annoying. And if you do something and press ctrl+z to undo it, the problem goes away, but it comes back again. Any help would be appreciated

it means that the scene was being used by something(a scene actuator, for example), but now it’s not. if you use the same scene in greater than one places, it should show the number of users next to the scene name(don’t know if the color changes at all, with my theme, EVERYTHING is red)

if you don’t like the color, saving and reloading the file should make it back to whatever color it was before.

the circle is an ‘O’ meaning the scene is old and not referenced anymore as mrhippieguy aleady said. With other elements like IPO or meshes I know they are not stored and away after file reload.

This seems not to be true for Scenes. I believe it is a bug in Blender miscounting the references.
I forgot to say, I never lost a scene even when marked as old.

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Thanks for the reassurance. Just had this happen on a COMP blend file.