Box with symbols and text on it

I need some pointers on how to approach the following idea.

I want to create a box, or chest like mesh. On this mesh, I want to have some areas with raised symbols or text/characters.
Specifically let’s say that one side of the box or chest should be the korean flag:
Korean Flag
The idea here is not to UV map the flag on the box, I actually want to create the appearance of the flag by changing the geometry of the mesh. So where you see the ying and yang symbol and the four symbols around the ying and yang, I want to raise the mesh in those shapes.
By doing, you get a sort of 3D flag with the symbols elevated.

Additionally I want to be able to do similar things with text or korean characters around the box. If I want to have a phrase written on the box mesh, I want that to be elevated (or extruded) from the rest of the mesh’s surface.

How would I go about doing this for one side of the box mesh?

Your best bet still might be an animated displacement map. Here is an example from a recent post.


Hey Atom. Can you send a link to the tutorial for this or give some basic instructions on how to do this?


I guess the other option is to take 3D mesh objects for each piece of the flag and then just rest them on top of the box mesh and join the meshes. This doesn’t seem elegant though.


Another question. Let’s say I have like a symbol or logo that I want to overlay onto another mesh like I asked about above. However instead of a flat surface, what if I wanted that logo or symbol to go onto a vase or curved flat surface. How would I make the object bend to the contour of the curved surface? I might want a rounded side to my box, or maybe put the symbols on a vase-like object.