Box wont convert to polys

I’m doing a box modeling tutorial, but my box doesn’t want to convert into editable poly’s. I click convert to, but nothing happens.

sorry if i didnt understand what you meant there but to edit polys in a polygon mesh (the cube) you press the tab key

it doesnt need to be converted

Hello White_Wolf23 :

If you started with a Cube then it can’t convert, because this function is operating on Curves and Text … that convert finally to …Mesh , and the Cube is already a mesh.

I guess the best way to know about, is to try it with Extruded Curve or Text to see how it operates. :slight_smile:

I’m going to make a guess here … are you doing a tutorial intended for 3D Studio? That’s the only place I’ve seen the “convert to editable polys” command, as such.

The bad news? There’s no command for turning a cube into editable polys.

The good news? That’s cause a cube is already made up of editable polygons. :slight_smile:

So, whenever you see that command in a 3DS tutorial, and you’re doing mesh modelling in Blender, you can safely ignore it.