BoxCutter and HardOps Bevel with Imported Mesh

importing my mesh from C4d to blender in order to play with it using boxcutter and HOps innovative tools, wanted to isolate bevels for each new boolean operation I do, but I have a problem when importing the mesh, every time I use a bevel applied with HardOps it applies it to certain parts of the mesh and not only to the new boolean, given that I want to avoid using a bevel on my imported mesh and start using booleans operations directly and applying bevels on those booleans, keep in mind when creating a simple box everything works normally, but when importing a different mesh the same rules seem not to apply any suggestions? :smiley:

this is a more detailed screenshot of whats happening to my mesh ( )

Ps: The mesh in question was created originally in blender then imported into c4d, afterward i wanted to go back with it for further tweaks.