Boxcutter is not working. Weird behavior. Shown in pictures

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I bought myself hardops and boxcutter. I installed both and hardops works well. The installation from boxcutter also worked. But when I started the tutorial and tried to follow the steps the first use caused some weird behavior.

I started with the cube

after I wanted to cut something this happened

it created e other box and the cut in red is beveled and also did not cut.

I’m totally lost. Thanks in advance for the help

What version of blender was the tutorial and what version did you use? Tutorials are sometimes old.

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That was a fast response :slight_smile:

I use the newest version from the addons (boxcutter 71V_6, HOps 009842_Neodynamium_14) and also from blender (2.82).

Hi and Welcome …

If you bought these addons, the follow-up and the possible updates are directly assured by the author himself…

To do so, go to the Released Scripts and Themes section.

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