Boxcutter vs industry keymap

Hey there

I’m having trouble navigating in “boxcutter mode”
I’m activating boxcutter, and my alt nagivation is gone. I can change the camera distance with mouse scroll but that’s all.
I still need my alt navigation in boxcutter mode. Is there any way to fix this?

Are you in camera view mode when you are having the issue? If so, get out of camera view and all of your navigation should work as normal when boxcutter is active.

I had to search after what is camera view :slight_smile:
I’m just in 3dview mode, nothing render camera, or custom camera added, just simply the camera that comes in when blender loads in.

if i just enter into boxcutter mode then the navigation is still there
i lose my navigation in the moment i start cutting with a cutter :stuck_out_tongue:

I think is some kind of key conflict but i have no idea how should i remap boxcutter to get back my alt navigation.
For example there are some alt refered keymaps in the addon section of boxcutter:
Preserve Alt
Alt Center
Alt Double Extrude