boxed out items

How can I get it so when the player is using mouselook in my game and he looks at an item, a sorta parentheses or half box appears around it with the name of the object? Kinda like targeting.

use mouseOver sensor then add object…

not sure if I get you. mouse over sensor , then add what? the objects already there I just want it kinda highlighted with text telling what it is. Thanks

relative to the object, or the screen?

if the latter:
(check the door)

that is done with a python script

if you want it relative to the object you can do a bunch of things. use the mouse over sensor to trigger an ipo animation for objcolor add mode faces to fade in the box around it [course, it will not track the camera…] which has the text on it

or something, can you be more specific what you want
[and, is python really out of the question?]

thank you for the blend. The text part of your blend is what im talking about, but I would like the object highlited in some way, using your mouselook script. Python is on my to do list so if its possible without python i prefer that. If not please post python and i will learn the example. Thanks