Boxer Orc

I continue to do the character. I will make UV and begin to sculpt.

That’s pretty awesome looking. I am biased though. I’m a fan of orcs in general. :stuck_out_tongue:

great start, keep it up

Test version.

Nice orc! I like pointed ears and snarling mouth though the gums seem a little strange.

Great model, good texturing (wireframes would be helpful, too.

You seem to have forgotten the gums in faceted mode.

Keep up the good work!

I loved your BWC thread and I was amazed at how fast you modeled everything, same with this thread:Dyou should definately do a timelapse:)

Great work ! The Sculpt is amazing.

Excellent work, I have no crits so far.

Test version 2. :slight_smile:

simply amazing

The head looks weird on the body. Orcs usually aren’t bodybuilders :stuck_out_tongue: But it looks awesome, you should make his skin darker and more green. They don’t have human skin.

That is scary. Scary and good. I think that the shoulders and upper arm muscles need to be exaggerated a bit to fit with the neck.

Was this done in Blender or Zbrush?

beautiful model…i suggest a slightly darker skin town(doesn’t need to be green though) also the head seems a little awkward when compared to the body…maybe it’s just the neck is too long, actually i think thats what it is…lower the neck between the jaw and shoulder muscles.

Asano: I have 2 GB of RAM. Of course this ZBrush.
The_Warder: I still do not render and not texture. This Print Screens from ZBrush. Neck remade. Thanks.:slight_smile:

why do you show us your Zbrush works on a Blender forum ?

great work, but, you know… is zbrush!

Modeling in Blender. Pose of a character in Blender will be. And will render in Blender (Luxrender or Yafaray).
ZBrush because the computer is weak.
You allow me to continue to spread the process work?

Look at these for inspiration, I think he is a bit too tall. Goblins and orcs are usually a lot smaller, like hobbits almost.

of course you can continue…being an artists is about using the right tools to get the job done:)