Boxing game help

So I’m looking for help or suggestions on a part of my game. It involves 3d first-person fighting. The player has to press key son the keyboard quick enough to beat the opponent. Is this possible in blender and if so code anyone tell me how or help me with a script? Be much appreciated.

Yes it is actually possible in Blender, you could probably just need game logic. I’m just learning Python so I can’t really help with the scripting right now. Sorry.

Shadow Pro

I would say that this is possible to do.

Your request for help with a script is so broad that it basically reads as, “can somebody write my game for me?” I recommend that you watch some tutorials on how to make simple games with BGE. I found this tutorial to be useful,

One of the nice features of the BGE is the logic bricks. They let you create some games without having to learn to program as well.

You should set a very simple goal for yourself and start working toward that. For example, just try to get a simple cube to appear on the screen and when you press the “right arrow” key it dodges to the right. Then make it dodge left. Then try a better model with some animations. Then an add enemy boxer. etc, etc.

The forum can be more helpful if you have a specific problem like, “here is my .blend I’m working on. I’m trying to get the cube to dodge right when you press right but the keyboard sensor never seems to fire.”