(gargola) #1

here is a game i’m working’s a boxing game.i think it’s going great!you tell me…here:

if you click and the link doesn’t work,please copy and paste the link.any comments will be appreciated.thanx! :smiley:

ps:as always on my games,use the directional keys(up,down,etc)…numpad 0 and numpad period for punches. this is just a little demo,it’s not finished and no sound yet. :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #2

It doesn’t work if i click or copy and paste


(gargola) #3

it’s true pooba,it doesn’t work!! :x today i got my site at,i’ll see if i can upload it today there.

(gargola) #4

here is another link,i hope it works: