BoxToggle Tools


It basically adds two functions to blenders node editor. The first function toggles all selected image texture nodes between flat and box project and sets the box blend value to a hardcoded 0.2.

The second thing it does is to rotate the image for box projection. The addon looks in the blendfile and sees if there is any corresponding file with the extension “_rotated” at the end of the filename. If not, it looks in the folder where the original texture was sourced from. If it still can’t find a rotated texture then it creates one using the PIL library and saved it to the file location of the original image texture.

Please help me test it for bugs. If you are on linux or mac there may be some path issues, I cant test that since I am on windows so if you could help me look for that I would appreciate it. Also don’t use the addon on any textureset that you do not have a backup of in case the addon overwrites any original textures. I have not had this happen to me, but just stay safe =)

The addon can be downloaded here:

Here you can see a 5 minute video on how it works



If you are very unpatient the explanation of the addons starts 1 minute into the video. Before that is basic installation and setup of the scene.

Love it! Was looking for this for a few time now, finally someone made it… :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!