Boy Character

This is the character starring in my new short film. All if got so far is the mesh with it’s materials + hair. Actually I’m especially proud of the hair, wasn’t to easy =P

The story plays in a large store, where the boy lands in (not going to say anything). I’ve got inspired by the mood of this work on youtube(<< link). My atmosphere will be similiar.

So, the boy should look like about 15 years old and sort of innocent. And I’d call him John. Agree with me? Do you think that there’s anything I should change? Please give me some feedback!?!

Thx =)

PS: He has teeth and a proper inside mouth, but my light setup seems to be crap


It looks pretty good. The face seems a little flat, which may be what you’re going for, but it makes the eyes seem to pop out a little unnaturally, which also may be what you’re going for.

Well, in the beginning I wanted to have huge eyes and then… well … I’d better not show that to anybody. That’s why I made the eyes stick out like this. It looks a bit mad or irritated, which’ll be the way he’ll act in the movie.