Boy & Girl
please give me a good critique for them :evilgrin:

I’m probably not best to crit this (not a big fan of this style) but as you requested, here goes!

Good and solid modelling…

Poses are extremely bland. Shoulders and chest areas look very “subdiv rounded” and could probably do with more defined shapes…

The symmetry on the faces and lack of eye hi-lights makes them look very blank.

For this style his eyes look a little recessed…

That said, modelling and colours are strong.

I’m not sure what you want out of a critique, but the biggest improvement you can make is to have a point!

Why are these characters?
What are they for?
Why are they standing in a flat white room?
Why did you make them?

What are you going to do next?

I’d suggest posing them and trying to communicate something in that about who they are and how they relate to one another!

I think this looks quite good, except for the boys chest and face, which are a wee bit too flat. Aside from that, great work! :slight_smile:

The shapes could use some definition. The limbs are all shaped like tubes right now, and the faces look like cheap masks; mostly flat and without much in the way of distinct forms. The lighting is dull and uninteresting; I would suggest changing to some colored light sources. These figures are not “characters” yet; they are just two small models without any purpose. It is difficult for me to critique anything beyond simple modeling here because I simply have no idea what you’re trying to achieve. If you don’t know either, you’ll have to decide before you can progress.

an advertising company asked me to do them, they said that they will use them for making “advices for children” theme, so these boys will give children advices about traffic and various stuff.

thanks for the criticism all.

hey i saw this in CGTalk!!!
looks good. id say it there but im new and my first two posts are being monitored.

Nice, continue to work hard.