Bozetechova street

Bozetechova street for contest on


Great lighting and atmosphere.

How’d you do the leaves on the trees?

Elam:tree with leaves are from Onyx tree generator :slight_smile:

That looks awesome! Very nice execution! I can’t see anything wrong.

dudebo13:thanks ::slight_smile:

It s a good picture, i just not that the too characters are exacly walking at the same Rythm and it s a bit strange.

totally awesome. hats off!
great lighting. is that blender internal?

sebastian_k:yes blender internal

Really great image, I love the lighting. Only crit is that the scale of the birds seems quite a bit off to my eyes.

Looks great, I love the mood and lighting you gave it. The only big things I see are that the birds seem unnatural and the sky appears stretched, like it was meant to map to a sphere.

Great job!

I have two crits:

  1. The sun in the sky photo looks like it’s supposed to be behind the tall buildings directly in front of us, but according to all of the shadows in the scene it’s supposed to be to our left.

  2. The ssecond and third stories of the building directly in front of us are identical (the shadows on the windows, the window blinds, etc are all exactly the same). That building, compared to the people, also looks like it might be a little too small, as far as the scale goes, but it could just be the camera. I’m comparing it to the people walking across the street and it looks like they would have to duck if they entered the building.

Just some observations, tho. Everything else about this is fantastic. The lighting, the details, the texture work is all great. I thought most of it was a photograph with just some stuff composited into it at first. Very nice render.

Wonderful work! The orange tone was a perfect choice!

It’s true. In real world, the yellow/red clouds always will stay together to the sun because of dispersion of light through the atmosphere.

Anyway, your work is wonderful.