BPM(beats per minute)python script

Please can somebody help me with this script for gameengine…??? i wan to detect bpm from playing mp3 or wav or only from playng track from inserted cd…becouse i am not very skilled in python i want this bpm number in some property et the end…more data then bpm will be welcomed!!! i wan to make similar game as vib ribbon…thx MUCH

I have been looking for somthing similar for quite some time. I think maybe it is not possible. If it were the possibilities would be endless. Real-time lip syching, music visualizations, music-based games,…

maybe this can help to me??? http://adion.djdecks.be/vb/bpmdetect/ Sorry but i am not a programator And what this… some little external application which will detect bpm of hole cd and it will write it in some text file and than blender will read it and it will be used as property???

If you can get a midi file of the music, I may be able to help… check my blog and the thread in my sig. Other than that BPM detection is generally quite flakey even on commercial packages that claim to detect BPM. 4/4 beats tend to work out ok, but beyond that is unpredictable.


Yes i can convert files in to the midi…i want it mostly for electronic music like psytrance, techno, dnb…it have stable tempo i think…4/4…

Here is alink to some C code:
The problem with your link and mine is that they both analyze a wave and give you a number like 120bpm. This is a big so what. There are tools out there that will analyze a folder full of MP3 and put the BPM in the tag. So if you want the general BPM of the song you may want to pre analyze the music.
However, you want the bpm of a playing wave. I don’t think python or blender is up to the task on that. Not in realtime. You would need to have an event that fires say 100 times a second and delivers data to your script with the latest BPM. Another approach is to down load fmod and that OCX you have a link to above. Then write an app in VB or C that analyzes a MP3 or wave and generates a text file with the BPM per frame. Then on a frame change event you could read that text file and know the BPM for that frame. Or read the entire list on load and simply extract the correct BPM on a frame changer event.

You can use the beatmapper in Sony Acid Music Tools (or Acid Pro) to find the beat beforehand, but it’s more of a manual process. There’s just no way that you can detect the beat automatically in realtime like you wanted (in Blender I mean).

There is also this :



I suppose that would be need to be done in c…

There’s bunch of freebees e.g. http://download.soft-8-17805.butterflydownload.com/mixmeister-bpm-analyzer/

Best option would be to check on dsp code websites for an algo that scans wave files and calculates bpm info. And then add a panel to blender’s wave window.

I have new idea!!! i need a program which detect bpm live from sound…like in winamp visualisatnion but it will press a keys in rythm of bpm…then i will only map functions to the keys in blender???

can some body help me to programate little app…which press key in beat time???THX