BPM - Blender Project Manager

New operator to go to comment frame from comment panels, visual feedback when playhead is on a frame comment, and next/previous comment op in the sequencer right click menu !


No, I am yet to find a bug really :smiley: Though I haven’t spent much time on it so far, I will surely let you know if I find any bugs, or if I can help with any suggestions. I have seen a few open source projects deviate from the core features, and end up being buggy with a lot of extra features. I can see this addon becoming my go to, for all video editing projects, so I just wanted to bring this up. I did not intend to mean anything specific.

That’s great! Will be waiting for that. Take your time and thanks again for such valuable work!

No problem mate! You are doing a lot already. I know a bit of the Bpy API. I can mold the addon into a custom version for my specific workflow if required. Keep going! Looking forward to what you bring to the addon next :slight_smile:

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A few quality of life improvements :

  • Lock file system (has to be activated in the system preferences) now uses the Topbar BPM menu to display a warning when other user has already opened this blend file.

  • When file has already been opened, an operator is available through this menu to check and delete other user (in case blender crashed, and other user still marked as active…) :

  • The Timer function is now on by default (in preferences) with an option to refresh file datas. It will refresh them every N seconds, and check for lock file (if activated). Datas refreshed includes shot and timeline settings, and shot and edit comments. Asset datas are coming soon.

  • Here’s a little example with comments modified through a shot file with edit file opened in a separate blender instance (i changed timer frequency from the default 60s to 10 to not have to wait to show changes in the video)

comes to BPM Discord channel if you want to discuss these further ! Cheers !

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comments are now displayed in shot and asset files !
You can see them in sequence editor, nla, driver editor, graph editor, dopesheet editor and timeline


here’s a simple way of opening a new blender instance when opening a shot :


Just click on the blender button instead of Open Shot button and shot will be opened in a new blender.

Really simple for now, there is a big downside to fix : the newly opened blender will show the back to edit button, but if you click, it will still uses the current instance to open edit file, meaning you’ll have 2 differents instances with same edit project in each (not really safe). For now, you’ll have to properly close this shot and not go back to edit !

I’m working on properly track is the current blend is a new instance or not, and behave accordingly, but that is a bit complicated !

Also available for assets :


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This is crazy! Will workaround the bug for now, that’s really not a big issue compared to the upside this will give me. Thanks mate!

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Added initial action operator to use project custom folder feature ! You’ll soon be able to add/remove custom folder per project, accessible throughout every file of this project !

Custom Folders are working, you can now freely add some “favorite folders” shared across an entire project, and updated by default every 60s !

Here’s an example in video (i set the timer to 10s for the video) with 2 blender instances from the same project !

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Project custom folder feature seems to be complete !

Add a favorite folder which will be displayed in every blend file part of the project you are working on !
In the Project category, you’ll have a Files Panel from which you can open these folders in explorer, remove or reorganize them. And this is consistent through shot and asset files.

You can also use these through a filebrowser, to manage them, add a new one, and go to the filepath in the filebrowser (just by selecting one of them in the list !)

It’s a quality of life improvement, not a major feature, but i will be using this a lot, i always needed a kind of per project favorites system, so here it is ! :slight_smile:

comes to BPM Discord channel if you want to discuss these further ! Cheers !


Just fixed the File Lock system !

This system warns user if a blend file from a BPM project is already opened and showed him where it is opened :



But sometimes, blender crashed on exiting a BPM project, and the file remains locked through this system (until you manually delete the lock through the operator displayed in the pic above).

It seems this bug is gone !

For technical aspect, here what happened : I used a atexit function to delete a *.lck file (or remove a user from it) on blender exit. This function had a atexit decorator and used bpy.data.filepath to find the path to the *.lck file. Most of the times, no problem with it, but 1 out of 15 times approximately, blender had an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION which prevents the *.lck to be modified or deleted.
The reason is sometimes, the bpy.data.filepath wasn’t accessible because it was flushed and no longer in memory.

The solution : instead of using a function which gets dynamically the path of the current *.blend, i registered on startup an exit function like that : atexit.register(deleteLockFileExit, lock_filepath) where deleteLockFileExit is a simple function taking the path of the *.lck file as argument, and lock_filepath is this path, pass as arg through the atexit.register() method. So the path is put in memory from the startup, and stay in here till exit function is processed !

I hope this is understandable, and maybe even could help some python coder having same issue !

Bonus pic : some “die n retry” manual debugging sheet ! :slight_smile: just launching and quitting blender a bunch of times with different settings to try to get what’s wrong !


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When BPM finds an already opened blend file, it now triggers a popup warning giving you access to the check file user operator, more efficient way of warning the user !


A demo with 2 blender instances with same BPM blend file opened in both :

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addon update warning

BPM addon now warns you on startup when you need to download new version of the addon ! for now this feature is not used because the addon is still in alpha stage, so no “new version” just some rolling updates, but from beta, it will be good to warn user of a new version !


(in the video demo, the url doesn’t work because there is no release available for BPM on github for now)

comes to BPM Discord channel if you want to discuss these further ! Cheers !

Oh! Thank you for sharing your notes! I find that so valuable.
This is fantastic progress!

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thanks for the kind words ! cheers !