Can someone provide a link to download the BPPlayer? Specially for Linux…
Since the original topic is gone…



I have the BPPlayer in my pc. I can send it you by mail.

better yet, host on google drive or something for us all.

Ok, here is the links. I remember that this was for Blender 2.74.

I don’t know if the patched versión of Blender 2.74 was necesary but here is too.



Thanks! Do you have a linux version?

I do not have it but I found it in archive(.)org right now.
From there they can downloaded. The links to mediafire still woks.


Links to BPPlayer in Mediafire:

BPPlayer Manual

BPPlayer for Windows :

BPPlayer 1.07b This was the lastest version.

Works for:
Blender 2.79b,
UPBGE 0.2.3,
UPBGE 0.2.4,
UPBGE 0.2.5
and (tadaaaa!!!)
UPBGE 0.3 :smiley: (Tested today May 26 of 2022)

BPPlayer 1.06 for Blender 2.49b (includes patched 2.49b blenderplayer)
BPPlayer 1.06 for Blender 2.49b(includes patched 2.49b blenderplayer + ogg\mp3 support)
BPPlayer 1.06 for Blender 2.68a (includes patched 2.68a blenderplayer (revision 59080))

BPPlaye for Linux :
BPPlayer 1.06 for Blender 2.49b (includes patched 2.49b blenderplayer)
BPPlayer 1.06 for Blender 2.65 (includes patched 2.65 blenderplayer (revision 53908))

BBPlayer for Mac OSX (universal) :
BPPlayer 1.06


do you have a 64 bit BPPlayer for UPBGE 0.2.5 and upbge 0.3.0?

In my opinion, BPPlayer 107 is the last version.
Works with Blender 2.78, but only 32 bit.
I only have the Windows version.
ups, can’t upload it because i am new to the forum :(,
I’ll try again later.

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I have 1.07b
in case it helps someone:
32 Bit
BPPlayer 1.07b

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Hi, buddy. Do you have some BPPlayer for UPGBE-0.3 in .sh (Linux format) and .exe (Windows format)? And wether yes, I’d like to get both. Thank you so very much. You are pretty helpful. :smiley:

Above are all the BPPlayer that exist.

BPPlayer works in Windows 64 bits too. BPPlayer only encrypt and then decrypt (in ejecution time) the blend file. Blenderplayer is who do te rol of do the rendering.

The last version of BPPlayer was the 1.07b for Windows and 1.06 for Linux and MacOS.

BGArmor should a better option than BPPlayer nowadays anyway

Why you say this? The author of BGArmor says that BPPlayer is more secure.
I dotin know much about BGArmor, so I dont know what is more secure.

Why the quote is failing in the reply?

Please someone who currently uses Linux or MacOs and tell me if BPPLayer works for them. I am making an addon to compile a game that uses BPPlayer.

For macOS Intel x64, Catalina (macOS 10.15.x), I tried it but can’t launch the player.

After all, Catalina is the update which finally restricted all 32bits application to run on the OS. I don’t think later versions (BigSur, Monterey & Ventura) will open it.

I think BPPlayer is more secure, but nothing is unbreakable and BGArmor is much easier to use & tested. I don’t think anyone is actively making new builds of BPPlayer so there’s not too much support

But it is up to you