Bprojection Addon Error

I realize the bprojection addon is in the testing section… and on top of that im using a testbuild of blender (2.7). So I can only assume the error is probably expected in my case. Everytime I try using bprojection I get the error in the picture below. Also, I cannot find it in blender 2.69 (the not testbuild one) is it available in blender 2.69? Thanks guys.

Hello, i have the same problem, and i’m on 2.69 :confused:

Ah, well that is disappointing /: owell atleast we can use 2.65 I guess, thanks jgilhutton.

No need to be disappointed.


I tried the stencil mapping and it seems pretty troublesome to me. I have not used the bprojection yet but I wanted to because the videos make it seem pretty easy.

I think I will give the stencil mapping a shot again and see if with some practice I can improve my results.

I think one could also open a project in an older version of blender and link the mesh group which would include the uvmapcreate the uv-images there, save them and then just load the saved images in the project that is using 2.7+

I think I may try that option also.

Well I tried both the options I suggested above:

I had forgotten that you can’t edit a linked object so that does not work. I did save a copy of a project and then load 2.65a and tried to use the bprojection. It worked but it seems hard to get setup. I did not get very far with it.

Then I tried the stencil mapping a bit more and found that it is a easier to use. I wish it was more reliable when switching between fron and side view image textures. Sometimes I had to save the project, close blender then reopen the project to get it to switch images.

I may give bprojection another try but I agree with ramboblender there is no need to wait for bprojection to get fixed.

I fixed it!! There are only a few codes that need to be changed in the script.
Copy the script from here https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/space_view3d_paint_bprojection.py
Then add a new text file using blender’s script editor naming it “space_view3d_paint_bprojection.py” and paste the script in the script editor. change line 807 from “bpy.ops.object.vertex_group_assign(new = True)” to “bpy.ops.object.vertex_group_assign()” and line 808 from "ob.vertex_groups.active.name = ‘texture plane’ " to "ob.vertex_groups = ‘texture plane’ ". Now to use the addon, you need to give the object you are going to paint the textures on a vertex group; it wont work if you don’t.

This no longer works. I just tried it and it throws a

Traceback (most recent call last):
line 808, in execute
ob.vertex_groups = ‘texture plane’
AttributeError: bpy_struct: attribute “vertex_groups” from “Object” is read-only